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Products Paintings & Prints Sils Maria Acrylic paint on linen. h. 90 cm, w. 150 cm. NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND The original painting was acquired by the National Museum of Scotland, Contemporary Design Collection and is a part of the National Archive of Scotland. Sils MariaGiclée Fine Art Print               … Read more

The Goddess & Design

Le Corbusier The Modular

YANG design & iconography

YANG floor lamp


Postmodern painting consciousness

APHRODITE postmodern design

floor lamp postmodern design

ARIZONA, Postmodern Design

Arizona Postmodern Design

Executive Desk

Executive Desk

EZEKExecutive Desks Prototype design and manufacture: Gary Morga Design Materials: glass, metal, imitation lizard skin, possibly crocodile skin, including cable management. Furniture, to serve as a reminder of our common, primal origins, of our humanity and spirit. That we can have either spirit or ego but not both, it’s one or the other.

Einstein Clock

Einstein Clock postmodern design

Einstein Clock Light, projected onto a wall, changes colour with the passing of time – it’s relative. Height: 180 cm Language Orientated Design Postmodern design methodology . . . Look and see a figure of a person standing on their head, a non-conformist who’s upside-down. His feet protrude at the top. He is a fundamentalist, signified by the … Read more


floor light postmodern design

Aphrodite . . .  Center, to switch the light at the bottom on/off grab hold of the pole and push it down. The light at the top remains on constantly while connected to the mains. There’s more about this light here. Mythologies A series of lights based on the exploits of three characters fromGreek Mythology;Hephaestus, … Read more

Fortuna Espana

Spain postmodern design

Fortuna España Acrylic paint, 22ct gold leaf and mirror on canvas, 1993, 150cm x 90cm. Postmodern Furniture Design Spain, throughout history, has been a collection of provinces, like much of Europe. Rivalry between regions encouraged competition, pride and machismo. There’s religion, a significant element of Spanish culture and loyalty to the local aristocracy. The Moors … Read more

Memphis Milano

Memphis Milano

NASTROMemphis Milano Following a couple of meetings with Barbara Radice I was invited to submit ideas for lights for the Memphis Milano exhibition 1987. The design for Nastro was conceived in my flat in London. Originally, I called the design, “Lights Circa 1987”. It was a statement about lighting design at the time. Later, the … Read more

Silver & Gold Cuff Bracelets

Silver Cuff Bracelet

Gold & Silver Cuff Bracelets​ Red Gold, 9ct, and Sterling Silver. Hallmarked at the Assay Office Edinburgh with the dual mark for 9ct Gold and Sterling Silver. Why wear jewellery when you can wear Art. Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets​ Hallmarked at the Assay Office Edinburgh with the mark for Sterling Silver. Hallmark – Edinburgh Assay Office The … Read more

Postmodern Design Methodology

postmodern design book

Postmodern Design Book: A Methodology. The Symbolic Significance of Colour Line & Form. Like written and spoken language, design language and visual language comprises of an arrangement of signs, a signifier and a signified in a context with meaning. A step-by-step practical guide through the methodology I use to synthesises written language, research notes, in to … Read more

Laissez-faire Capitalism

Laissez-faire capitalism postmodern design

Laissez-faire Capitalism Gun Cabinetwith three cupboards and three drawers. Laissez-faire capitalism sucks up the earth’s natural resources and through processes of labour transforms them, into wealth, for the few, while causing  hardship for many and even death. The promise of the production of utility that benefits the masses has been exploited to the extreme by … Read more