Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright ©

Designs Registered

Gary Morga is the owner of all Intellectual Property Rights of all the material, designs, objects, photos, everything on this website.

  • Morga ® is a Registered Trade Mark – no.: 2522746 
  • Ventri ® is a Registered Trade Mark – no.: 2521325


The nature and characteristics of the products offered for sale by Gary Morga GMd on, the website and its contents, included the product names, trademarks, logos, any pictures portraying the products, as well as the products and the graphic design of the website itself are materials protected by intellectual property rights of Gary Morga GMd or of third parties that granted Gary Morga GMd the relevant right of use. 

Gary Morga GMd allows its customers and users to use the website for personal use only and to place orders on the website itself, without having the possibility of reproducing or downloading, on any media, including the hard drive, these materials, with the exception of the temporary reproduction required to enabling the screen-based communication (cache copy). Any commercial use of this website and of its contents is excluded; any use by the customer and users of the product catalogue, their descriptions, images and prices is not authorized. 

Furthermore, it is prohibited to activate links, deep links or frames to the website as well as any other techniques or technologies allowing the use, including indirect and hidden (such as for example meta tags) of product names, trademarks and logos of Gary Morga GMd and of third parties appearing on the website and in the product page as well as of any other protected materials (including images, texts, layout, drawings, models, information, etc.). 

The products offered for sale on are protected by UK and international regulations on copyrights and rights on registered and unregistered models and designs, both nationally, internationally and at the Community level. Any activity in breach of said rights may be prosecuted in accordance with the provisions of the law.