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Le Corbusier: The Modular – updated, the feminine atoned

Le Corbusier The Modulor
Updated - The Feminine Atoned

The narcissistic split from the self and the brutal heroic attitude at large particularly in the west must subside for the forces of healing to be release. We have split from our internal nature and separated from our anima. We have repressed the feminine and natural ingredients of our psyche. Humans have lived and are living through an era where the abuse and disregard of women, the feminine, of nature and the earth, where bloodletting has prevailed.

Social, psychological, and ecological destruction have emerged together.

Disparity is the most powerful tool in existence used to great affect to perpetuate this separation ensuring our enslavement. Our native imagination has the power to transform our self concept and the societies we live.

Nature’s success is its diversity and difference. Humans natural being is a part of this system where all life flourishes, the earth breathes and rivers flow. Its success is dependant on its completeness, light and dark, awful and delightful, masculine and feminine all are a part of this whole.

Unique in history we are at the dawn of a new consciousness. The availability of information makes it possible to go beyond propaganda and learn about ourselves, our societies, our planet and to understand what is really going on. The era of abandoned anima, the negative warrior archetype and of separation from our nature is fading. Feminine and a more nature conscious-ness is succeeding characterised by an awareness our planet is dying, the prominence of women in business separately, social imbalance as well as a realisation growing among men of their deeper emotions.

Coming back into balance . . .

Gary Morga MA GSA

Published in The Creative Review, 11th March © 2013, Link

The re-integrating with the self in men and the end of repression in women. Re-connecting with our natural soul, our anima, typified by the re- emergence of the Goddess Hero archetype. The promise of a real new way a more complete way is emerging.

Our everyday environment conforms to the ideological dogma of the past. The chairs we sit on, the tables we sit at promote the current notion of what is “right” and give us permission to act within their confines of perceived acceptability. An important step in the changing of our self concept is to change our environment to support and uphold our new notions of our selves and of the future we dream of.

By recognising and understanding what is going on inside psychologically and outside socio-politically and economically we can start to create a more balanced, whole and conscious place for all of us to live.

Responsibility . . .

Designers and architects have the opportunity to lead the way to a new truly sustainable future for all creatures and life on this planet to live together.