Paintings & Prints

Products Paintings & Prints Sils Maria Acrylic paint on linen. h. 90 cm, w. 150 cm. NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND The original painting was acquired by the National Museum of Scotland, Contemporary Design Collection and is a part of the National Archive of Scotland. Sils MariaGiclée Fine Art Print               … Read more

The Goddess & Design

Le Corbusier The Modular

YANG design & iconography

YANG floor lamp


Postmodern painting consciousness

APHRODITE postmodern design

floor lamp postmodern design

ARIZONA, Postmodern Design

Arizona Postmodern Design

Painting DODDS

acrylic painting

DODDS Acrylic painting on canvas (h. 1m 20 x w. 1m 20) This is a computer facsimile of the great painting DODDS. I’ve lost the photos and haven’t seen the client for over 20 years. When I do eventually see him I’ll ask for a photo.  Private collection.

Painting BANANA on a Blue Square

painting Banana on a Blue Square

Banana on a Blue Square Acrylic on board A banana on a blue square and a green ovaloid with a cherry at the top. The cherry’s partially covered by a red square at the bottom. right corner.


dining chair postmodern design

AMUN RA This one’s gilding metal and silver. What better inspiration for a chair than Amun-Ra, the carrier of the sun disc . . .  Amun-Ra was a prominent character in the ancient Egyptian parthenon of gods. “All forms of life were believed to have been created by Ra, who called each of them into existence … Read more

Candle Holders

candle holders

RITUAL & RITE Metal, bright chrome finish, ebonised pearwood, velvetine on the underside. Candle holders or a handy container for those little things.  There’s enough parts to put together about 20 of these and that’s all.  Contact us for details.

Suspended Lamp


ECLIPSE Suspended Lamp. Manufacturer: Bieffeplast SpA Materials: metal, methyl methacrylate. Lamp: CPF Produces a soft reflected light.  The sphere illuminates. Inspired by a railway signal seen from a train and thoughts on trans-cultural signification. Presented at Euroluce 1986 BIEFFEPLAST CATALOGUE 1986 Back cover: YANG, floor light, Design Gary Morga. Design: Michele de Lucchi, Simone Drost, Eveline … Read more

Table Lamp Scorpion

Table Lamp Bieffeplast

The prototype, I made it over the month of August in a one of my silversmithing tutors from Camberwell, Alistair McCallum, workshop in Old Street, London.  SCORPION Table lamp for Bieffeplast. The triangular module can be located anywhere between the two curved, conducting, metal rails. The light switches on when the triangular module is located between the … Read more

Suspended Light

suspend lamp bieffeplast

RED POINT Suspended lamp Manufacture, Bieffeplast SpAMaterials, metal, methyl methacrylate.Lamp, 2 x ES 40 watts. Presented at Euroluce 1986 Produces a soft light reflected from the ceiling The tip illuminates red.   RED POINT was acquired by the National Museum of Scotland, Contemporary Design Collection and is a part of the National Archive of Scotland. … Read more

ZEN Floor Lamp

ZEN floor lamp

ZEN Design 1984. Made in metal and marble, the lamp is halogen. Height: 210 cm. Zen floor lamp. The lamp is located within the end of the metal tube and illuminates the metal plate reflecting light in to the room. The direction of the light and luminance into the room can be changed by rotating … Read more

Executive Desk

Executive Desk

EZEKExecutive Desks Prototype design and manufacture: Gary Morga Design Materials: glass, metal, imitation lizard skin, possibly crocodile skin, including cable management. Furniture, to serve as a reminder of our common, primal origins, of our humanity and spirit. That we can have either spirit or ego but not both, it’s one or the other.

Metal Floor Lights

metal floor lights

LUMINUM Manufacture: Parklea Ltd.Design: Gary Morga.Material: aluminium, powder coated paint.Lamps: halogen, 12 volts. A series of floor lights designed using sheet metal, cutting, folding, drilling and a little turning. By varying the configuration the metal components a series of contemporary lights was produced. By orienting the entire light creates variety. Different configurations and lighting qualities … Read more

Metal Sculpture

Metal Sculpture

Metal Sculpture Gilding metal with applied patina.   The sculpture is made in gilding metal. I developed the design using a series of card models. From there I worked out the blank for the various parts on paper, then in card and then transferred it to the gilding metal marking it out carefully with a … Read more

Einstein Clock

Einstein Clock postmodern design

Einstein Clock Light, projected onto a wall, changes colour with the passing of time – it’s relative. Height: 180 cm Language Orientated Design Postmodern design methodology . . . Look and see a figure of a person standing on their head, a non-conformist who’s upside-down. His feet protrude at the top. He is a fundamentalist, signified by the … Read more

Water Pitcher

water pitcher

PITCHER Silver plated gilding metal. This water pitcher project started off with my idea to design and make a double handled water container. But, it developed in to a one handled vase with a strap handle. The iconography was a consequence of my subconscious and the prototypes in there. It has a feel a bit … Read more


floor light postmodern design

Aphrodite . . .  Center, to switch the light at the bottom on/off grab hold of the pole and push it down. The light at the top remains on constantly while connected to the mains. There’s more about this light here. Mythologies A series of lights based on the exploits of three characters fromGreek Mythology;Hephaestus, … Read more

Tea Pot

tea pot

Tea Pot Handmade in gilding metal, nylon & silver plate. This process is Abstraction. Top row: The creative process, design development in 3D, modelling.Bottom row: stages of making. Presented by Bonhams 2014 The Front Cover of Bonhams Catalogue Bonhams Lot Page: Teapot Design Development Using the idea of something moving across a surface to develop … Read more

Fortuna Espana

Spain postmodern design

Fortuna España Acrylic paint, 22ct gold leaf and mirror on canvas, 1993, 150cm x 90cm. Postmodern Furniture Design Spain, throughout history, has been a collection of provinces, like much of Europe. Rivalry between regions encouraged competition, pride and machismo. There’s religion, a significant element of Spanish culture and loyalty to the local aristocracy. The Moors … Read more

Memphis Milano

Memphis Milano

NASTROMemphis Milano Following a couple of meetings with Barbara Radice I was invited to submit ideas for lights for the Memphis Milano exhibition 1987. The design for Nastro was conceived in my flat in London. Originally, I called the design, “Lights Circa 1987”. It was a statement about lighting design at the time. Later, the … Read more


Chandelier postmodern design

Chandelier . . . held in place with screws that have jewels set in to their heads. . . . screws have spherical heads inlaid with turquoise cabochons. It hangs perfectly. A commission for an uplifting piece, a chandelier, that caught the eye and stimulate conversation. The client wanted their risque suggestions incorporated in a … Read more

Wall Mirror

Mirror postmodern design

Wall Mirror Acrylic paint, glass mirror, wood.Height 78 cm x 69 cm Our statement: ‘fairest’ in our context means the most beautiful, hansom or more accurately, self-centred. Our ego, prompted by our vanity – we glance at our image in a mirror. A glance that can reassure us or ruffle us. The ego subdues the soul … Read more

YANG Floor Lamp

YANG floor lamp

YANG YANG floor lamp illuminates the room indirectly by means of reflecting light from the ceiling. The lighting is dimmable and can be adjusted to suit your mood. Adjust the luminance using the dimmer and set the ambience with brilliant, glare-free light. Halogen lamps provide feel-good light that looks and acts like natural light. We … Read more

Silver & Gold Cuff Bracelets

Silver Cuff Bracelet

Gold & Silver Cuff Bracelets​ Red Gold, 9ct, and Sterling Silver. Hallmarked at the Assay Office Edinburgh with the dual mark for 9ct Gold and Sterling Silver. Why wear jewellery when you can wear Art. Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets​ Hallmarked at the Assay Office Edinburgh with the mark for Sterling Silver. Hallmark – Edinburgh Assay Office The … Read more