YANG; design & iconography

floor lamp

Design & Iconography


Light emits from a single source, a point, unhindered it’s spherical in space. With direction and focus a cone of light is formed.

In one orientation the cone is up and unstable like air. In the opposite orientation it’s down, stable and solid like the earth.

There is completeness in this.

Our two elements, one up and one down, need a connecting structure to hold them apart and together. In keeping with the idea of the completeness of opposites we arrive at the archetypes male and female. It’s a small step to the trans-cultural symbol Yin and Yang.

YANG, the definition; all that is female and bad. Well, who could resist that dogma.

A note about the illuminating tips; are ‘jewel’ like and bring a preciousness-ness and novelty into the design.

I sketched the design with a pencil on paper at the Bieffeplast factory during a quiet moment sitting in the corridor. The next day we made her.