Painting DODDS

acrylic painting

DODDS Acrylic painting on canvas (h. 1m 20 x w. 1m 20) This is a computer facsimile of the great painting DODDS. I’ve lost the photos and haven’t seen the client for over 20 years. When I do eventually see him I’ll ask for a photo.  Private collection.

Suspended Light

suspend lamp bieffeplast

RED POINT Suspended lamp Manufacture, Bieffeplast SpAMaterials, metal, methyl methacrylate.Lamp, 2 x ES 40 watts. Presented at Euroluce 1986 Produces a soft light reflected from the ceiling The tip illuminates red.   RED POINT was acquired by the National Museum of Scotland, Contemporary Design Collection and is a part of the National Archive of Scotland. … Read more

Wall Mirror

Mirror postmodern design

Wall Mirror Acrylic paint, glass mirror, wood.Height 78 cm x 69 cm Our statement: ‘fairest’ in our context means the most beautiful, hansom or more accurately, self-centred. Our ego, prompted by our vanity – we glance at our image in a mirror. A glance that can reassure us or ruffle us. The ego subdues the soul … Read more