YANG design & iconography

YANG floor lamp

ZEN Floor Lamp

ZEN floor lamp

ZEN Design 1984. Made in metal and marble, the lamp is halogen. Height: 210 cm. Zen floor lamp. The lamp is located within the end of the metal tube and illuminates the metal plate reflecting light in to the room. The direction of the light and luminance into the room can be changed by rotating … Read more

Metal Floor Lights

metal floor lights

LUMINUM Manufacture: Parklea Ltd.Design: Gary Morga.Material: aluminium, powder coated paint.Lamps: halogen, 12 volts. A series of floor lights designed using sheet metal, cutting, folding, drilling and a little turning. By varying the configuration the metal components a series of contemporary lights was produced. By orienting the entire light creates variety. Different configurations and lighting qualities … Read more

Memphis Milano

Memphis Milano

NASTROMemphis Milano Following a couple of meetings with Barbara Radice I was invited to submit ideas for lights for the Memphis Milano exhibition 1987. The design for Nastro was conceived in my flat in London. Originally, I called the design, “Lights Circa 1987”. It was a statement about lighting design at the time. Later, the … Read more