Mirror, mirror on the wall.


Acrylic paint, glass mirror, wood.
Height 78 cm x 69 cm

Our ego, prompted by our vanity – we glance at our image. A glance that can reassure us or ruffle us. The ego subdues the soul there’s no room for both. It’s ego or soul. 

Mirror Mirror is a portrait of you. Is it you, you see in the mirror. Who is it? Who are you?  Is it a mirror of you or is it you? Is that me? That’s me. In this mirror your image is a sign signifier in the sequence of signs – you’re a part of the meaning.

I was walking home late one night, with a friend. We came across a picture frame leaning against a skip. It had been thrown out. I picked it up and carried it home with me.

I brushed the dust off it, got a piece of mirrored glass cut to fit the frame and painted on it – Mirror Mirror. It hangs on the wall in the kitchen here.

 “Love me tender, love me true,
       I am a mirror, a mirror of you.”

I chose the elements for their symbolic values. And your reflected image is a signifier in the symbolic sequence of signs.

Q.     Miroir, miroir sur le mur,
         qui est le plus beau de tous les . . ?

A.     Je sais que ce . .