Postmodern Design Clock.

Einstein Clock

Height: 180 cm

Light, projected onto a wall, changes colour with the passing of time – it’s relative. 

Language Orientated Design

Postmodern design methodology . . .

Look and see a figure of a person standing on their head, a non-conformist who’s upside-down. His feet protrude at the top.

He is a fundamentalist, signified by the brown trapezoid on the left as you look at the article, who re-writes the laws of science.

His interests are far-reaching – cosmic, signified by the blue arc on the right.

He is cerebral, an intellectual genius signified by the yellow, the colour of intellect, and illuminating waves, light, emitting from his mind that he is upside-down on.

He is inventive, the time is projected onto a wall.

He is Einstein.

The colour line and forms are chosen for their symbolic values.  In this way the article is imbued with meaning. In this instance denoting the characteristics of the persona from a character in history, Albert Einstein.