Gold & Silver Cuff Jewellery

Gold Cuff Bracelets​

Red Gold, 9ct, and Sterling Silver.

Hallmarked at the Assay Office Edinburgh with the dual mark for 9ct Gold and Sterling Silver.


Why wear jewelry when you can wear Art.

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets​

Hallmarked at the Assay Office Edinburgh with the mark for Sterling Silver.

Struck with my
Makers Mark –– GM —

The design for bracelets were a natural development of my Laissez-faire project. I made six in total, three in gold and silver and three in silver.

Each one is unique, handmade and a one-of. They fit around the wrist loosely.

A pattern is hand cut out of the silver and a red gold bar is soldered into the gap. It’s more difficult to make this way than by traditional inlay. However, the quality is superior and the increase in quantity of gold significant. In my opinion, it’s worth the effort.

The finish was by hand polishing, a labour of love. It brings out a softer, richer finish to the metal than machine polishing. Again, I think, worth the effort.

If you would like one contact me and we can discuss details, what’s available, the price, delivery and so on.

The item’s in the photographs are going to be one of the ones you will receive.

Stuff Gary Morga