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ARIZONA, Postmodern Design

Arizona Postmodern Design

Painting BANANA on a Blue Square

painting Banana on a Blue Square

Banana on a Blue Square Acrylic on board A banana on a blue square and a green ovaloid with a cherry at the top. The cherry’s partially covered by a red square at the bottom. right corner.

Fortuna Espana

Spain postmodern design

Fortuna España Acrylic paint, 22ct gold leaf and mirror on canvas, 1993, 150cm x 90cm. Postmodern Furniture Design Spain, throughout history, has been a collection of provinces, like much of Europe. Rivalry between regions encouraged competition, pride and machismo. There’s religion, a significant element of Spanish culture and loyalty to the local aristocracy. The Moors … Read more

Silver & Gold Cuff Bracelets

Silver Cuff Bracelet

Gold & Silver Cuff Bracelets​ Red Gold, 9ct, and Sterling Silver. Hallmarked at the Assay Office Edinburgh with the dual mark for 9ct Gold and Sterling Silver. Why wear jewellery when you can wear Art. Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets​ Hallmarked at the Assay Office Edinburgh with the mark for Sterling Silver. Hallmark – Edinburgh Assay Office The … Read more