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floor lamp postmodern design

ZEN Floor Lamp

ZEN floor lamp

ZEN Design 1984. Made in metal and marble, the lamp is halogen. Height: 210 cm. Zen floor lamp. The lamp is located within the end of the metal tube and illuminates the metal plate reflecting light in to the room. The direction of the light and luminance into the room can be changed by rotating … Read more

Postmodern Design Methodology

postmodern design book

Postmodern Design Book: A Methodology. The Symbolic Significance of Colour Line & Form. Like written and spoken language, design language and visual language comprises of an arrangement of signs, a signifier and a signified in a context with meaning. A step-by-step practical guide through the methodology I use to synthesises written language, research notes, in to … Read more

Laissez-faire Capitalism

Laissez-faire capitalism postmodern design

Laissez-faire Capitalism Gun Cabinetwith three cupboards and three drawers. Laissez-faire capitalism sucks up the earth’s natural resources and through processes of labour transforms them, into wealth, for the few, while causing  hardship for many and even death. The promise of the production of utility that benefits the masses has been exploited to the extreme by … Read more