YANG design & iconography

YANG floor lamp

Suspended Lamp


ECLIPSE Suspended Lamp. Manufacturer: Bieffeplast SpA Materials: metal, methyl methacrylate. Lamp: CPF Produces a soft reflected light.  The sphere illuminates. Inspired by a railway signal seen from a train and thoughts on trans-cultural signification. Presented at Euroluce 1986 BIEFFEPLAST CATALOGUE 1986 Back cover: YANG, floor light, Design Gary Morga. Design: Michele de Lucchi, Simone Drost, Eveline … Read more

Table Lamp Scorpion

Table Lamp Bieffeplast

The prototype, I made it over the month of August in a one of my silversmithing tutors from Camberwell, Alistair McCallum, workshop in Old Street, London.  SCORPION Table lamp for Bieffeplast. The triangular module can be located anywhere between the two curved, conducting, metal rails. The light switches on when the triangular module is located between the … Read more

Metal Sculpture

Metal Sculpture

Metal Sculpture Gilding metal with applied patina.   The sculpture is made in gilding metal. I developed the design using a series of card models. From there I worked out the blank for the various parts on paper, then in card and then transferred it to the gilding metal marking it out carefully with a … Read more

Water Pitcher

water pitcher

PITCHER Silver plated gilding metal. This water pitcher project started off with my idea to design and make a double handled water container. But, it developed in to a one handled vase with a strap handle. The iconography was a consequence of my subconscious and the prototypes in there. It has a feel a bit … Read more

Tea Pot

tea pot

Tea Pot Handmade in gilding metal, nylon & silver plate. This process is Abstraction. Top row: The creative process, design development in 3D, modelling.Bottom row: stages of making. Presented by Bonhams 2014 The Front Cover of Bonhams Catalogue Bonhams Lot Page: Teapot Design Development Using the idea of something moving across a surface to develop … Read more


Chandelier postmodern design

Chandelier . . . held in place with screws that have jewels set in to their heads. . . . screws have spherical heads inlaid with turquoise cabochons. It hangs perfectly. A commission for an uplifting piece, a chandelier, that caught the eye and stimulate conversation. The client wanted their risque suggestions incorporated in a … Read more

YANG Floor Lamp

YANG floor lamp

YANG YANG floor lamp illuminates the room indirectly by means of reflecting light from the ceiling. The lighting is dimmable and can be adjusted to suit your mood. Adjust the luminance using the dimmer and set the ambience with brilliant, glare-free light. Halogen lamps provide feel-good light that looks and acts like natural light. We … Read more


Eyewear postmodern design

EYEWEAR I developed the form and configuration of Peggy G Eyewear from the bone structure that surrounds the eyes of human skulls. I coloured them using a colour pallet of human eye colours. I named the collection after Peggy Guggenheim in honour of her discerning style and individuality. And, I flatter myself by thinking she … Read more