Spain, Postmodern Design

Postmodern Design


This is the first step in a two step postmodern design process. I have continued to refine and evolve the methodology. The project here is about Spain and can be applied to almost ant subject.


The resulting article at the end of stage one is a postmodern painting. Postmodernism tells a story.

In this instance, I try to identify elements peculiar to Spanish culture, what make the Spanish, Spanish. And Spain, Spain. I look back through history, religion, politics and add my observations from when I was there and what I can see. Then, I codify the elements according to the precepts of the modern movement. That’s outlined by Itten, Klee and Kandinsky. They are good references to be finding a way in with and get the project moving v along. There can be a conversation with myself about it that can go on for quite a while. I continue in this way until I have a straight forward, clear and concise short story that makes sense. Having a clear story is key.

I always develop this stage through sketching with paint with and eye half on materials. Anything that is a signifier. Here I took it a step further and painted my conclusions out on canvas.  

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