Postdogma and Superconsciousness

Postdogma & Superconsciousness

Detritus 1 -3, March 2016


From my early years this life didn't reasonate with me.  I walked a complex path between conformity, rebellion and withdrawal,  I didn't like the messages  from my enviroment and I didn't want to use them or be associated with them.  I was pleasing but not becoming.  Eventually, I developed a methodology for creating a visual language founded on the structural linguistics of Ferdinand de Saussure, the teachings at the Bauhaus and the essential essence of the subject.  This is the core though it extends beyond what's mentioned here to any signifier including sound, smell, taste, gesture, texture.

Written and spoken language is a system of signs/ signifiers from which meaning can emerge, this denotes a visual language of signs/ signifiers from which meaning also can emerge.  By rearranging the order of the signs/ signifiers in a sequence, a sentence, story or image we can change it's meaning.  Culture is a system of signs that from our birth, through language, programs our minds and habits to conform to the existing regimes dogma.  This is reinforced through the built environment and the language of objects that fill our lives and order our minds, beliefs and behaviour.  We are creatures of signs, of symbolism.


Familiarity with Ferdinand de Saussure's structure of language is first; then decide on a subject and through research ascertain it's essential essence; refer to the teachings at the Bauhaus on colour, line and form.  Synthesise a symbolic image biased on these findings.  The second step is to employ the elements from the symbolic image as structural components in design.  The methodology is detailed in my book, “The Symbolic Significance of Colour, Line & Form”, ISBN: 978-0993002700.

The outcome from the methodology is exeplified in Sils Maria and Laissez-faire.  Sils Maria is a construction of symbolic signs/ signifiers who's narrative concerns Friedrich Nietzsche.  Laissez-faire demonstrates the three linguistic signs; symbol, icon and index in a narrative about capitalism.


Beyond man made mind and it's limited imagination lies our essential essence, Lacan's "Real".  Include what you have learned in the unravelling of your life yoga, meditation and Shambhavi Mahamudra,  superconsciousness.  We are born in to dogma, reprogram your mind, create yourself.

Postdogma – 2012

1.0  Sils Maria, painting, acrylic on linen, 150cm x 90cm.
1.1  Sils Maria, shelving with five compartments, height 190cm, width 172cm.
2.0  Laissez-faire, painting, acrylic on linen, 150cm x 90cm.
2.1  Laissez-faire, two cupboards and three drawers, height 2m 30cm, width 1m 32 cm.




Sils Maria:



Gary Morga MA GSA

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