Zen floor lamp

Zen floor lamp

ZEN terra, floor lamp 1984, GaryMorga

ZEN Floor lamp. Design Gary Morga 1985.

Made in metal with a marble base. The lamp is halogen.

Height: 210cm.

The lamp is located within the end of the metal tube and illuminates the metal plate reflecting light in to the room. The direction of the light can be changed by rotating the metal plate. 

Developed through experimentation with scaffolding tube, white card and a lamp and cord. By changing the relationship of the elements different light and shadow effects were created and recorded by photography. It was part of my final year project at Camberwell College of Art & Crafts, London and was a part of my portfolio on my first trip to Milano in 1985. 

The configuration and materials were chosen for their emotional appeal. In later years I was able to decode the forms and materials for their symbolic values. 



Exhibitions: Zen Floor lamp

The 3rd Eye Centre, Glasgow: 22nd October to 2nd November 1986

Stuttgart Gallery, Germany: New Design, ZEN floor lamp 1986



ZEN floor lamp was stolen from my flat in Glasgow. Nothing else was touched only the light was taken. The incident was reported on the BBC Crime Watch UK programme and in the Architectural Review:

ZEN floor lamp was stolen from a flat in the

WestEnd of Glasgow in an audacious break-in

on the 23rd November 1986.

Described to the Police by a neighbour who witnessed the theft;


A van stopped in the road out side the flat. Two men hurried from the van to the front door of the flat. A few moments later they were hurrying back to the van with the light and manhandled it into the back of the van and then sped away.


Zen floor lamp was in the main hall of the flat. It was the the only item taken in the raid and has never been recovered. 

Zen had recently returned from an exhibition of ‘New Design’ in Stuttgart, Germany and had been in an exhibition of lights at ‘The 3rd Eye Centre’, Glasgow.


It was a part of a portfolio designs that I developed and took to Italy in 1995. I was fortunate enough to have shown it to Ernisto Gismondi, Artemide; Guido Anselmi, Bieffeplast; Marco Zanini, Memphis Milano.


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