Floor Lamp

YANG, floor lamp . . . 

YANG illuminates the room indirectly by means of reflecting light from the ceiling. The lighting is dimmable and can be adjusted to suit your mood. Adjust the luminance using the dimmer and set the ambiance with brilliant, glare-free light. Halogen lamps provide feel-good light that looks and acts like natural light.

YANG is available in black with a red illuminating tip at the base and in white with a blue illuminating tip at the base.

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YANG, one of a collection of lights

designed in 1986 . . .

The collection was manufactured by Bieffeplast and launched at Euroluce, Milan 1986.

I sketched YANG on a piece of paper during a quiet moment sitting on a chair in a corridor at their factory in Padova. I had been immersed in experimenting with light and designing lights for years prior to this. 

Bieffeplast commissioned me to develop a desk lamp from an idea I showed them a couple of months earlier. This was me back at the factory with my prototype of the desk lampScorpion, they had commissioned and I had a few more ideas for designs for lights to show them — RED POINT and ECLIPSE, both suspended lamps and both were produced by Bieffeplast who launched them with YANG at Euroluce, Milan.

Fast forward 25 years to 2011 . . .

With our company Ventri Ltd, in collaboration with a manufacturer in the UK, we produced a limited edition of 25 YANG floor lamps to celebrate 25 years since the design was launched at Euroluce. While remaining true to the original design we upgraded the manufacture, quality of components and finish.

As well as the original YANG in black, we produced a YANG in white version with the tip at the base illuminating blue, that is absolutely stunning.

Each lamp is verified with a signed, numbered, Sterling Silver disc on the base. The disc has been hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office and struck with the 925 Sterling Silver mark and +Metal as the silver attached to metal. The Makers Mark is GM – Gary Morga.

YANGFloor lights for ambient lighting.
DesignGary Morga.
BlackBlack, the tip at the top illuminates red, the tip at the base illuminates white.
WhiteWhite, the tip at the base illuminates blue, the tip at the top illuminates white.
MaterialMetal and methacrylic.
FinishShiny powder coated paint.
Up-lightEnergy Saving ECO Halogen 230 W, included with floor lamps.
Low-lightEnergy Saving ECO Halogen 28 W, included with floor lamps.
DimmableYes 100%.
Usagefoor lights for indoor use only.
SizeH 1965 mm x W 450 mm x D 270 mm, approximately.
Weight11.067 Kg approximately.
Voltage230 V.
SupplyVentri Ltd Modern Floor Lights.
MadeIn England.
Label40 mm Silver Disc located on base.
CE MarkedConforms with the Directives of the European Parliament.







OSRAM: Benefits of HALOGEN ECO technology
Best light quality.
The Luminous intensity remains constant throughout the life of the lamp.
The colour perception remains constant throughout the life of the lamp.
Natural colour rendering (Ra = 100).
100% dimmable.
More than double the average life of standard halogen lamps.
Lower thermal output.
Higher luminous efficacy.
No mercury.
No electronics.
Instant light (0s = 100% light).
Disposable in domestic waste
Ecologically worthwhile thanks to its double lifetime, compared with ordinary light bulbs