Spain, Modular Seating

Spain, furniture design


Acrylic paint, 22ct gold leaf and mirror on canvas, 1993, 150cm x 90cm.

About Spain and about Spanishness . . .

Colours, forms and materials, oak which references Guernica, are chosen for their symbolic values and invest the article with meaning. They are symbolically significant signs similar to spoken or written language. They tell a story of Spain and Spainishness.

Structural components, actually everything, was chosen for their symbolic values and use language as outlined in the structural linguistics of Ferdinand du Saussure as a model. They refer to the teachings at the Bauhaus in particular Itten, Klee and Kandinsky, and research into the essence of the subject. In this case here the subject is Spain and Spanishnes.

The outcome is Postmodern Furniture. I cover this methodology in more detail in my book,The Symbolic Significance of Colour Line and Form. Where I also discuss postmodern furniture by Ettore Sottsass the founder of the Memphis Group. Memphis Milano very kindly granted me permission to include examples his work in my book. 

Elements are chosen for their symbolic values and use language, structural linguistics, as a model.

Developed for Grassolier SA, Barcelona, Spain.



Modular Furniture

Plan and elevation.



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