Spain, Spanishness, Modular Seating

Spain, furniture design


1993, acrylic paint, 22ct gold leaf and mirror on canvas, 150 cm x 90 cm.

Spain, a painting about Spanishness.  Colours, forms and materials (oak) are choosen for their symbolic values and invest the article with meaning. They are are symbolicly significant signs similar to spoken or written language. They tell a story of Spain and Spainish-ness.


The elements are structurally integrated in to a modular seating system. The result is a culturally significant object that is a symbolic protrait, of Spain and Spanishness.


Elements are choosen for their symbolic values and use language, structural linguistics, as a model.


Developed for Grassolier SA, Barcelona, Spain, furniture manufacturers.


Modular Furniture

Plan and elevation.


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