Sils Maria

Sils Maria



Sils Maria, cabinet with four cupboards, shelving and one compartment.

Postmodern design, postmodern furniture, Sils Maria’s elements were chosen for their symbolic values and use language, the structural linguistics of Saussure, as a model, refer to the teachings at the Bauhaus and research into the essence of the subject.

Sils Maria is a visual narrative about Friedrich Nietzsche and employs symbolic signs.

Handmade in wheat board and hand painted in acrylic paints and lacquer.  The flip top handle is handmade in Sterling Silver and Hallmarked at the Assay Office, Edinburgh.  It bears the Makers Mark “GM” for Gary Morga registered there since 1977.  The doors are soft-close and all edges are miter.
Dimensions: height 190 cm; width 172 cm; depth of base 40 cm.

Sils Maria is a quiet town in the Swiss Alps where Friedrich ‪Nietzsche ‬found peace.  Here he worked on a number of his books including “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” his alter-ego and an essential part of our story.  He transforms in to “Zarathustra”, embraces Nihilism and rejects the dogmas of the past.  Bathed in truth he moves into the future.  His intellect bestows on humanity dynamic and material gifts that reach out to the extremities of our existence changing us forever.

Sils Maria, acrylic on Linen, height 90 cm x 150 cm.


Sils Maria (A Portrait of Friedrich ‪Nietzsche) Elements, acrylic on Canvas 30 cm x 30 cm.


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