Aphrodite Hero

To switch the light at the bottom on / off grab the pole and push down. The light at the top remains on constantly while connected to the mains. Made in metal and cyanoacrylate with LED and compact fluorescent lamps. Height 1m 95.

Aphrodite Hero is a handmade, a one-off.

I was looking for my Goddess and realised she was in me all the time. The anima. What had prevented me from her was the intervention of the negative warrior archetype, that I’ve been at odds with my entire life. The Goddess Hero is a reconnection with her and a shift towards a more balanced sense of being, a more conscious place to inhabit.

Featured in ‘ Sustainability: Design and The Goddess’ published by Creative Review.

Mythologies . . . 

A series of three lights based on the exploits of three characters from Greek Mythology Aphrodite, Hephaestus and Ares.

Hephaestus and Aphrodite are married. Hephaestus is the metalworker of the Gods. He’s depicted as blackened and lame and not really one of the guys. Aphrodite is the Goddess of seduction and femininity, wow, and Ares is the dashing God of war and is very much one of the guys.

So, Ares and Aphrodite hit if off while Hephustus is busy elsewhere. But while they are in their passionate clinch Hephaestus notices and makes a net of metal and catches them in it. He holds his them high for the Gods to see. The Gods on Olympus lavish sympathy and attention on poor Hephaestus and he enjoys the high esteem he is held in by them, while it lasts anyway.

But soon enough Ares gets back to being the manly god of war that he is and Aphrodite gets back to being the femme fatale that she is while blackened, lame and excluded Hephustus is back in his workshop under the mountain. Life returns to normal on Mount Olympus. 

Some years later David Bowie wrote a song about this, ‘Boys Keep Swinging’. I guess he noticed this social mechanism for exclusion too.


The design uses three elements chosen for their symbolic values to represent the three characters. By rearranging their relationship with each other, their position in the sequence, in the configuration of signs, changes the story. Just like words in a sentence as in Saussures’ Structural Linguistics. 


Gary Morga

The cast of actors in this Greek fable: APHRODITE, white hemisphere; HEPHAESTUS, metal net; ARES, red, spear; CULTURAL IGNORANCE, black, square section, square; FEMININE SEDUCTION, warm white lamp tinting the white hemisphere pink; XENON STROBE light, panic at being caught by a husband while in a clinch with his wife.


floor lights

Published in New British Design by John Thackara & Stuart Jane

Gary Morga:
Hephaestus: mesh and arrow lamp.
Luminum: aluminium lamp. A product which can be made with the simplest of equipment.


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