Most of my paintings are the first part in a two part design process . . .

Elements are chosen for their symbolic values using language, structural linguistics, as a model.  The three linguistic signs, index, icon and symbolic that are essential to written and spoken language are inherent in visual language, confirm its cultural identity and communicates meaning.  This is Postmodernism in the linguistic sense. These design projects are in four/ five phases; research, development synthesis, a two dimensional outcome (a painting),  a three dimensional outcome (furniture/ article).

In this way, Form Follows Culture. By rearranging the signs we can change the meaning, their significance, and if we can change the meaning we can change the culture and create a new world. This is evident in the designs for interior furniture and artefacts.

Laissez-faire (A Portrait of Capitalism 1)

Laissez-faire (A Portrait of Capitalism 2)

Laissez-faire (A Portrait of Capitalism 3)

Laissez-faire (A Portrait of Capitalism 4)

Laissez-faire (A Portrait of Capitalism 5)

Laissez-faire (A Portrait of Capitalism) Elements

Sils Maria (A Portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche)


Sils Maria (A Portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche) Elements

Spain (A Portrait of Spanish-ness)

Arizona (A Portrait of Arizona)

Mirror Mirror (A Portrait of You)


Time and Time

Woke Up



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