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1956Born in Edinburgh, Scottish/ Italian.
1961Proficient at dismantling domestic appliances and assembling them in new ways age 5. 
1978Explored the wider world, solo mostly, extended travel to USA, Mexico, Guatemala & Belize the first of many voyages to distant lands, tropical islands and ancient places, Egypt, India, Cambodia, VietNam, Thailand 


1969 Jan -73Secondary Education, The Abbey School, Fort Augustus, Inverness-Shire, Scotland.  I hated it there.
Naval Proficiency Certificate, Combined Cadet Force, awarded the rank of Leading Seaman, the highest rank available to a cadet.
1976Edinburgh School of Art: part time course in Jewellery Making and Silversmithing.
1977Makers Mark registered at The Incorporation of Goldsmiths, Goldsmiths Hall, Edinburgh.
1984Camberwell College of Art, London; BA(Hon), 2:1; 3D Design, Silversmithing & Metalwork.
Subsidiary Studies, Photography and Sculpture.
1986Glasgow School of Art: MA in Design.
Areas of study: Design, The Humanities, Structural Linguistics, Semiotics, Psychology.
 Awarded, The Haldane Scholarship for Excellence.
1987 -88Chartered Society of Designers: Elected Member.
1988Certificate in Photometrics; Lighting Industry Federation, LIF.
1990 – 91Design Council of Great Britain: Accredited Designer.
1990-20Brighton University (Polytechnic), Brighton, England
 De Montfort University, Leicester, England.
 City College Brighton, Brighton, England.
 Sussex Downs College, Eastbourne, England.

Personal development:

2007    Kieros Foundation, More to Life, London.  An intensive three day Life Training Program.

2008    Kieros Foundation, Way of A Warrior, Atlanta, USA.  An intensive six day Life Training Program.

2010    Kung Fu Schools, Crawley, England.  Awarded Wing Chun Kung Fu, Black Belt 1st Tec. Nov 2nd 2015.

2016    Isha Foundation, India, On-line. Inner Engineering, a technology for a personal transformation.

2016    Isha Foundation, London.  Shambavhi Mahamudra, two day program, an inner practice to experience higher consciousness.

2018 TEFL, TESOL   130-hour Course, Incorporating 50-hr TEFL, 30-hr Grammar & Language Awareness, 20-hr Video & Observation and 30-hr TEFL Courses

Acting about:
2014    ACT, Academy of Creative Training, Brighton. A one week Intensive Acting Workshop. 
Registered with several London Acting agencies. Appeared in ‘Mapp and Lucia’; ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’; ‘Mission Impossible 4’; Mary Queen of Scots; Gareth Jones; TV adverts

Collaboration about:

1984 Mar:    Parklea Ltd, Glasgow: Designed the Luminum Lighting system a modular design employing heavy gauge metal produced with elementary technology.
1985 June:     Bieffeplast SpA, Padova: Commissioned to develop and prototype a product concept. The project involved development in electrical and mechanical engineering. The product, a table lamp, consists of a module and a frame. The module takes current directly from the frame and can be positioned any where between it, switching on/off by removing the module and storing it on top of the base.
1986 June:    Memphis Milano: I was invited to submit six proposals for lights from which one was selected. Nastro a floor standing light made in formed G.R.P.  Nastro was, manufactured and presented at the Memphis Milano Luci exhibition 1988 in Milan. 
1986 Oct:     Designed three lights for Bieffeplast, Yang, Red Point and Eclipse, based on trans-cultural ideas. Presented at the Salone del Mobili, Euroluce, Milan 1987.
1987 Dec:      Harper MacKay Architects, for Ted Baker, London: Designed ceiling suspended floating glass rafts 2 m x 0.5 m which supplied both ambient illumination and accent illumination. Manufactured off site to custom specification using standard and modular components to satisfy varying illumination requirements. The lamps and fittings were concealed completely behind the textured glass so that only light could be seen. All gear and components were integral enabling on site locate and connect.
1988 Feb:     Whitecroft Group PLC, Ashton Under Lyne: Designed and prototyped a luminair which incorporated an optical projection feature with interchangeable lenses which allowed the light to be focused on a particular object.
1988 Mar:     Next Interiors PLC, London: Designed a collection of tableware, cutlery, place mats, condiments and a Tea Service. The collection was in metal and ceramic and employed a common identifying element.
1988 Mar:     Designed a collection of candle holders, Ensign, Gabriel and Curley which were manufactured as a limited edition and available through stores in London and Edinburgh.
1988 July:     E.T.D. (Cresswell) Lighting Ltd, Roysten: Creative direction and pre-production prototyping for decorative lamp fittings with the in-house team.
1988 Aug:     Hobson & Bridgers Ltd for British Home Stores PLC, Roysten. Designed decorative ornamentation to be applied to ceramic pots used as bases for lamps.
1988 Sept:    Tony Monaghan Architects for Shades Night Club, Southampton. Designed the general lighting scheme, emergency lighting, special lighting and general electrical schemes preparing drawings and schedule for tender.
1988 Oct:      Bevendean Medical Centre, Brighton: Designed, specified and supplied general, emergency and special lighting ensuring the correct lighting levels were met and fit for purpose throughout this new build conversion.  
1989 Sept:    Grassolier S.A., Barcelona: Designed and prototyped a modular upholstered seating system, Spain, and painting, based on elements peculiar to Spanish-ness. 
1992 May:     The Zap Club, Brighton. Designed artwork for the clubs marketing and promotional aspirations. 
1990 +         Designed and manufactured silver and gold jewellery, objects and light fittings to commission and speculatively.
2011 Aug:     Ventri Ltd, England: Re-designed and re-engineered Yang floor light producing a small batch in the original black and also in white. Presented at 100% Design, London.
2012 – 2013 Sils Maria, Laissez-fare + Postdogma.
2014 Sept:     The Symbolic Significance of Colour Line and Form. Written, illustrated and photographed with photo from Memphis Milano, Ettore Sottsass, “Beverly”.  Available on AMAZON.


Exhibitions about:

2014 Nov    Bonhams, Knightsbridge, London. Distinguished Designs and Post-War Silver. Tea Pot and Cocktail Swizzle Sticks.
2014 Sept     Coastal Currents, Exhibition, recent paintings, prints and standing lamps.
2014 Aug      Hastings Arts Forum, Staines and Traces Exhibition, Recent Paintings.
2014 July     The De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, England. Dear Serge, The Symbolic Significance of Colour, Line & Form in Design Workshop.
2014 Mar     THE ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS: London, England. LAISSEZ-FAIRE (A Portrait of Capitalism) shortlisted Summer Exhibition.
2013 Feb      Hastings Arts Forum: Marina, Hastings, England Exhibited: YANG noir  + Parmenides.
2011 Sept    100% Design: Earls Court, London England. Exhibited: YANG noir + YANG ice.
1989 Feb      A light Touch: Riverside Mill, Bovey Tracy, Devon, England. Exhibited: Aphrodite, Ares and Hephustus lights; Eros and I bedside lamp.
1989 Jan       A light Touch: Crawford Centre for the Arts, St. Andrews, Scotland. Exhibited: Aphrodite, Ares and Hephustus lights; Eros and I bedside lamp.
1988 Dec       A light Touch: Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, Inverness, Scotland. Exhibited: Aphrodite, Ares and Hephustus lights; Eros and I bedside lamp.
1988 Sept      Memphis Milano Lights: Memphis Milano Gallery, Via Manzoni, Milan, Italy Exhibited: Nastro floor lamp.
1988 Sept     Bieffeplast: Milan Furniture Fair, Euroluce, Milan, Italy. Exhibited: Scorpion, Eclipse, Red Point, Yang.
1988 Aug      A Light Touch: Cirencester Workshops, CIrencester, England. Exhibited: Aphrodite, Ares and Hephustus lights; Eros and I bedside lamp.
1988 July      The Metal Vessel: The Scottish Gallery, George Street Edinburgh, Scotland. Exhibited: Silver plated Tea Pot.
1987 Dec       The Glasgow Style: De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Exhibited: Eros & I.
1987 Oct       The Glasgow Style: 3rd Eye Centre, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow Scotland. Exhibited: Eros & I bedside lamp.
1987 Sept      Bieffeplast: Milan Furniture Fair, Euroluce, Milan, Italy. Exhibited: Scorpion, Eclipse, Red Point, Yang.
1987 Apr      New Designs from Scotland: The Warwick Arts Trust, London: Aphrodite, Ares, Hephustus lights; Luminum Lighting; Eros & I; Scorpion for Bieffeplast.
1986 Nov    Christmas Lights: The Cleveland Gallery, Middlesbrough, England. Exhibited: Aphrodite, Ares and Hephustus lights.
1986 Oct       The Glasgow Style: 3rd Eye Centre, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow Scotland. Exhibited : ZEN floor lamp.
1986 Sept      The Prescott Gallery, Northumberland Street, Edinburgh Scotland. Exhibited: Aphrodite, Ares and Hephustus lights.
1985 Dec       Jewellers of G.B. and N. Ireland, The Design Centre, Haymarket, London England. Exhibited: gold pendant/pomander.
1984 Oct       Utopias: The 3rd Eye Centre, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Exhibited: Completeness and The Ordering of Minds and Bodies.
1983 July      Christies Inaugural Exhibition, London England. Exhibited: Tikal.

Magazine Articles:
1986 Sept:        The Scotsman Magazine: Out of The Dark, Alison Caldwell.
1987 Sept:        Designweek: Golden Years, Jeremy Myerson.
1987 Oct:          Designweek: Prototype, The Editor.
1987 Nov:         Lighting Equipment News: Italians Snap Up British Designer, Barbara Trigg.
1988  May:        Design Magazine: The Light Heavyweights, Jennifer McKay.
1990 Dec:        What’s New in Interiors Magazine: Up Front,  Anthea Bain.
1990 May:        Design Magazine: Continental Drift, Felicity Ashworth.
2011 Dec:         Kismet Magazine Issue 11: Designer Gary Morga, The Editor.
2013 Oct:         Daniella On Design, Design Blog.
2013 Nov:        Fubiz™: Sils Maria, a portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche.
2013 Nov:         Fubiz™ : Laissez-faire.

Published Articles:
1994 May:           Janes Airport Review: The Importance of Being Blue.
2013 March:      The Creative Review: Sustainability – The Goddess & Design.
2013 March:      Fubiz™: Sustainability – The Goddess & Design.

1986: New British Design: Edited by John Thackara; designed by Stuart Jane; Commentaries by Peter Dormer. Publisher: Thames and Hudson, London.
2014: The Symbolic Significance of Colour Line & Form; written and illustrated by Gary Morga with photos by him and Memphis Milano.
Published by Ventri Ltd. ISBN 978-0993002700.

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